Brentano Leads in Innovative, Eco-Friendly Polyurethane Textiles

New leather and vinyl alternatives add to expansive collection.

In the fall of 2001, Brentano introduced their first leather and vinyl alternatives. Today, both of those patterns, Vapor and Satin, are part of Brentano’s expansive offering of eco-friendly polyurethane textiles. With each year since, Brentano’s design team has continued to develop and introduce innovative, usable, and environmentally-minded polyurethane textiles.

For their spring 2013 Symphonic collection, Brentano has once again raised the bar for leather and vinyl alternatives, adding two new patterns to the Brentano Green line. Primal is eco-friendly polyurethane that has been printed with a bold animal print and comes in 8 fashion-inspired colors. Remix takes its cu