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The Future with Cellulose Nonwovens

Lüder Gerking, CEO, Nanoval GmbH & Co. KG

One might say that the industrial raw-material was coal in the 19th century, oil in the 20th century and will be cellulose in the 21st century.

Cellulose is of natural origin from wood or other plants. It may serve for eating, clothing and heating. The first manmade fiber of economical importance was Viscose or Rayon on this basis, which nearly was replaced by synthetic fibers, beginning in the 1930’s. It recovered recently, though from a low level. The reason is not only that they are from renewable resources, but in contrast to the oil-based fibers like PP, PE, PET, PA and others they are biological degradable, compostable. In the modern term: sustainable.

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