Demand growing for Lenzing fiber in sportswear

The fiber manufacturer Lenzing focused totally on the theme of “a fiber that provides a sense of well-being”, in all the sports exhibitions held in the beginning of the year. The most critical issue in functional apparel textiles is the selection of the right textile fibers. As a cellulosic fiber, TENCEL® provides comfort of casual wear by preventing skin irritations thanks to its high moisture absorption capacity and smooth fiber structure.

The demand for TENCEL® fiber is ever-growing. Austrian fiber manufacturer also expects a significant amount of growth in demand in the Turkish market.  According to up-to-date statistics, Lenzing is the leading fiber (TENCEL®, Lenzing Modal®, Lenzing Viscose®) supplier of the Turkish textile sector with a market share of 40%. The company also expects to increase its market share in the Turkish market in the forthcoming years.

Feel-good concept

The stress and fast pace of our everyday lives put our well-being at risk. Taking time out to relax and restore our energy levels has become an important part of a healthy lifestyle. TENCEL®, the creation of a holistic feel-good concept, helps establish life balance. With TENCEL®, textiles can be created which contribute to a feeling of well-being. Skin-friendly and eco-friendly, TENCEL® promotes the physical comfort that leads to total relaxation. TENCEL® C, the cosmetic specialty fiber with an integrated oceanic skin care complex, provides additional benefits which make it a true feel-good fiber.

In harmony with nature

TENCEL® is the functional fiber which exists in harmony with Nature. It is botanic in origin since it is extracted from the raw material of wood. Fiber production is eco-friendly due to the closed loop production process. Thus, the textiles are made with respect for mankind and the environment as well.

Where botanic and functionality join forces

TENCEL® is well known as a performance fiber. Its moisture absorption is enormous and its skin-sensory properties are unparalleled. TENCEL® absorbs up to 50% more moisture than cotton and the smooth fiber structure prevents skin irritations in a completely natural way.

Where botanic and photosynthesis join forces

From wood to fiber, TENCEL® comes from Nature. The fiber makes use of photosynthesis which has been an essential mechanism in Nature since the beginning of time and has constituted the basis for life on earth.

Where botanic and relaxation join forces

TENCEL®’s natural moisture content guarantees complete relaxation. When the surfaces of materials rub against each other, electrostatic charging results. The fiber’s moisture content determines to what extent the materials become charged. High moisture content prevents charging. TENCEL®’s moisture content is about 13% and is much higher than polyester which has no moisture content at all. With clothing of TENCEL®, sports can, therefore, be practiced in a “relaxed” way in the truest sense of the word.

Where botanic and oceanic join forces

The skin is the largest human organ. Our skin can only be healthy when it is in balance. The specialty fiber TENCEL® C, which features an oceanic skin care complex (chitosan), promotes healthy skin. This specialty fiber helps to alleviate the skin’s daily loss of moisture and promotes skin health. When used in wellness textiles, TENCEL® C supports overall wellbeing.