ecorepel® – an ideal combination of function and sustainability by Schoeller Technologies

Following its launch in January 2012, ecorepel® the PFC-free and water repelling high-tech finish from Schoeller Technologies, is firmly on course for major success. Many companies would like to use textiles that are ecologically water repelling have shown great interest in ecorepel®. What makes ecorepel® the right choice, is not only its environmentally friendly aspect, but also wide range of possible uses on different fibers and materials. The Greenpeace study “Chemistry for every weather” named ecorepel® as one of the alternatives for fluorine products.

In the development of ecorepel®, Schoeller found inspiration in nature. All waterfowl, for example ducks, produce an oily secretion to make their feathers water repelling. ecorepel® imitates exactly this sort of impregnation as it is based on long, biodegradable paraffin chains that wrap themselves as a spiral around the individual fibers, filaments or yarns in a very fine film. This reduces surface tension so that water droplets and even mud with significantly higher surface tension run off simply. The breathability is not affected and the feel remains pleasantly soft.

The possible uses for ecorepel® are wide-ranging. Applications on various fiber types such as wool, cotton and synthetic fibers have already tested successfully. Its effectiveness on fabrics like denim, soft-shell and fleece has also been proven.

ecorepel® is a wash resistant high-tech finish. As no fluorocarbons are used, it is biodegradable (in accordance with OECD 302 B (80 – 100 %)), passes the OEKOTEX®- Standard 100 test and complies with bluesign®.

Fluorcarbon-free finishing technologies continue to gain momentum as illustrated by the new discussions initiated by the recent Greenpeace study. This study shows ecorepel® as one of the PFC- free alternatives for water- and dirt repelling finishing.

Schoeller Technologies AG

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