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Goller Sintensa Cyclone
Goller Sintensa Cyclone

How to become greener than green or more efficient than efficient? The latest developments
of the CHTC FONG`S GROUP with its team in Schwäbisch Hall in Germany created best
green technology for their customers’ benefits.

FONG`S EUROPE GMBH with its strong brands FONG`S, THEN, GOLLER and XORELLA
represents innovative dyeing and finishing machines made in Germany or of Chinese origin.
Clear target profiles based on customers’ requirements and the long-lasting experience lead
to several new developments with the potential to be a big step into a difference.

Since the beginning, the Longtube-machine is the incarnation of gentle dyeing processes for
most sensitive textile fabrics. All kind of synthetics like polyester or polyamide even with high
elastic stretching behavior or delicate native fibers like viscose and high quality cotton and
blends can be dyed on this most versatile machine type for decades. Long shape machines
are well known and are used where round shape types are limited. But why do we use it only
if round shape designs cannot fulfill the requirements with its results? The reason is … Liquor
The consumption figures of long shape machines lead to liquor ratios up to 1:20. Loading
capacities depending on fabric weight, its behavior and batch size demand a permanent
adjustment of the liquor ratio related dyestuff amount, auxiliary consumption and salt amount
if needed. The high water costs and the energy to heat it up urge the textile finishing industry
to look for alternatives. A low liquor consuming long shape machine without losing its
versatile, gentle application behavior is for sure a top target for the global players among the
finishing machine manufacturers.

FONG`S EUROPE GMBH developed after intensive discussion with dye houses all over the
world a new machine as an answer to be ahead.

THEN SUPRATEC LTM shows its true color in its consumption figures. Up to 50% lower
liquor ratio particularly for light weight fabrics makes the machine to a quick return on
investment and builds a solid column to be competitive also in future. THEN SUPRATEC
LTM is reel-less and can be equipped with up to 3 nozzles depending on fabric weight.

Even after installation, the number of transfer pipes and ropes can be adjusted between one
and three. The nozzle gap is adjustable.

Gentle plaiting and lifting in the machine lead to tension reduced running behavior. The
machine can be tailor made, equipped with innovative efficient dosing devices. The unique
lifting device of the whole kier provides a new dimension in application flexibility. Wet mode
or dry mode, jet or overflow principle or even a mix of both during one finishing process meet
the request of lowest possible consumption figures in long shape machines.

The GOLLER SINTENSA principle with perforated drums and inner driven rotors for
intensive wash off is a well proven and well accepted system for spin oil and print washing of
tension sensitive fabrics like knitwear, high elastic woven or technical textiles. The kinetic
energy of the washing system reduces water versus dwell or spray washing and leads to
fulfill high fastness requirements. SINTENSA CYCLONE represents the next design-
generation of the GOLLER brand. The unique CYCLONE principle provides low tension and
low water consumption while washing off even large-molecular dyestuffs or complex spin
oils. The geometry of the new rotor allows a suction of liquor through the fabric with a high
flow rate and therefore an efficient treatment in every washing compartment. Tension and
fabric guidance can easily be controlled by the rotor speed. The fabric will be sucked to the
drum at the entry of the trough and released at its exit.


Round shaped finishing machines are the most common types used for dyeing and finishing
textiles discontinuously. Even the latest generations of aerodynamic and hydraulic transport
systems with their very low liquor ratio have to be developed progressively to further
reduction in consumption, as water is getting more and more a valuable good. The deep
knowledge and expertise of the THEN brand team and the clear definition of customers’
needs led to a new design in the pipeline of the FONG ́S research and development
department. Shortly we will provide a new level of short liquor ratio also in the segment of
round shape machines. The latest design of THEN airflow technology and hydraulic
machines is continuing the success story to make dyeing greener and more efficient.