IKMIB to support green production

IKMIB (Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association),  which carries out major tasks in order to strengthen the position of the Turkish chemicals sector in the foreign markets and to increase its exports,  has recently launched a new project that would advance the competitiveness of the sector to a higher level. Having launched “Green Production, Clean Future” project with the support of Istanbul Development Agency, IKMIB will develop methods and policies to step up the chemicals companies to an international competitiveness level by analyzing their manufacturing processes and product lives.

Green Production Clean Future” project, which is carried out in partnership with Bosphorus University Sustainable Development and Clean Production Center and Istanbul Provincial Directorate of  Environment, aims to improve the environmental impacts of the products such as climate change as well as their impacts on energy and resource consumption.  Products manufactured by the companies operating in plastics, soap, cosmetics, dyes and organic-inorganic product segments will be subjected to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The assessment that identifies high energy and raw material requirement processes of the products that leads to environmental pollution during manufacturing and application stages will provide significant hints about where companies should focus while maintaining their environmental impacts under control. Companies those would like to improve their environmental performances and manufacturing processes will take the opportunity to be able to analyze many data concerning their manufacturing processes thanks to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Assessment results will be provided to companies as a report.

IKMIB (Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association) Chairman of the Board Murat Akyüz stated that they are pioneering many projects as well as their efforts to increase the chemicals exports.  Akyüz also said: “Green production concept is one of the most important issues of today. In this sense, we very much believe in our “Green Production Clean Future” project that we have been working on for a long time. It provides a significant opportunity to our sector companies to test their environmental performances. With our project funded under Istanbul Development Agency Knowledge Based Economic Growth Financial Support Program, we aim to take competitiveness to the next level via increasing the knowledge and awareness in our sector.”