Super absorbent bamboo towels and bathrobes from Altinbasak

%100 bamboo yarn towels and bathrobes manufactured by Altınbasak, the innovative brand of home textiles, are preferred for their fast absorbency and having even more softer touch every time you wash. 

Using bamboo towel and bathrobe after shower makes difference starting the day. Doctors also approve that a hot and dry bamboo bath towel helps to relax.

Altinbasak Textile explained that when the views of customers who purchased especially bamboo bath towel, bathrobe and bed sheet, are evaluated the expressions of satisfaction along with happiness came out. Sparing more place to bamboo towels and bathrobes, which have higher water absorption specification, in its bath collection compared to other fabric types Altinbasak Textile pointed out that the customer satisfaction is raising as they use these products.

A few more minutes of sleep in bed with bamboo bed linen

The feeling of softness which a natural and comfortable bamboo bed linen provides for the skin keeps on surprising. A bamboo bed linen promises more comfortable sleep with its soft, absorbent, high quality, environment friendly specifications. Bamboo bed linen, bed sheet and pillowslip included in Altinbasak Textile 2013 collection makes you live the soft touch feeling with its environment friendly anti-bacterial feature. Besides, bamboo bed linen brings a healthy life to your home with its paint-free unbleached fabric.  

Take a closer look at your bamboo towel and bathrobes

Bamboo towels and bathrobes, which will provide you with happiness for years in case used carefully, should be washed at most 40°C, rinsed completely and dried in a warmish atmosphere. Besides, being naturally soft, chemical laundry softeners are not suggested for use in these products.