Sustainability, key driver of innovation

Sustainability that addresses the protection and efficient use of our natural resources with economic, social and ecologic aspects has changed the key drivers of today’s marketing strategies. Now the companies prefer machinery which also reduces the amount of waste and having higher productivity/energy ratios as much as the product quality, on the other hand, the consumers put a premium on products having minimum environmental impact. Consequently, ranking among the market leaders in the textile industry today is inevitably related to sustainability.

With this awareness and responsibility, as Ihlas Magazine Group, the leading establishment of sustainable publishing, we are pleased to share our well-deserved pride of launching Sustainnovation, the first sustainable innovation journal of Turkey with valuable sustainable textile manufacturers.

As Sustainnovation we aim to fill one of the biggest gaps in the sector by focusing on sustainable development and innovation in textiles. Our magazine, which is launched quarterly and addresses the entire textile production chain starting from raw material to final textile product, is well received in the sector with a great excitement and enthusiasm even before its very first issue is out.

We hope to welcome you in our upcoming issues with a greater excitement and enthusiasm in a more comprehensive magazine. Please feel free to kindly send your respectful opinion which means a lot to us through Twitter, Facebook or your e-mails.

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