Sustainable development for a sustainable living

An average human, who is composed of about 60-70% water, can survive up to one week without water and only 5-6 minutes without air.

All the beautiful colors of the nature in fact provide the energy needed for the human beings’ living behind their peaceful scenery. Together with the continuously growing world population, increasing carbon emissions, decreasing biological oxygen demand/chemical oxygen demand ratio has increased the carbon footprint and consequently of all these factors global warming endangered all the beauties of nature as well as all the requirements of survival. Such wonders of the nature as the Antarctica, the Dead Sea, the Maldives, Patagonia, Iceland and West Caicos faced the danger of extinction in the next 50-100 years.

Nobel-prize winning chemist Paul J. Crutzen expressed that factors such as uncontrolled population growth, growing megacities, increase in the fossil fuel consumption formed a new geological structure in the earth in the last century. As a result, the nature gets its revenge through various natural disasters against mankind who abuse it. The bottom line is that sustainable living definitely requires a sustainable development.

The first issue of Sustainnovation Journal that we established aiming to raise awareness of the players of the textile industry and to encourage them in sustainability and green growth issues, has already received positive feedback from the professionals of the sector. Here comes also our second issue with the same enthusiasm and excitement, with a more comprehensive content as we had promised before.

Imagining a genuine sustainable development for a sustainable living rather than so-called sustainability, I kindly expect your valuable contributions and ideas and wish you a fruitful season until we meet in our next issue.

Very truly yours,