Sustainable textiles fair at Bella Center gains strong international support

With its latest trade fair initiative, CIFF FUTURE FABRICS, Bella Center shines the spotlight on sustainable materials for the fashion and furniture industries. A number of interest groups are already supporting the fair and its efforts to raise awareness of new initiatives to further the sustainable development of industry. The London-based non-profit organization The Sustainable Angle is a major player in sustainable textiles and thus an important partner for CIFF FUTURE FABRICS.

The Sustainable Angle works to explore and promote sustainable processes in the fashion and textiles supply chain. In connection with CIFF FUTURE FABRICS they will be presenting their exhibition called the Future Fabrics Expo.

Director Nina Marenzi explains why it is essential to support an initiative like CIFF FUTURE FABRICS:

“The Future Fabrics Expo has shown that there is appetite for a commercial fair where textile mills can market their sustainable fabrics. Unlike conventional fairs that dominate fabric sourcing at the moment, CIFF Future Fabrics fair will have sales stands with eco-friendly and responsibly produced textiles which complements the curated Future Fabrics Expo, showing a selection of sustainable fabrics produced by mills that meet our stringent environmental criteria.”

The international sustainability initiative Sustainia, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the honorary chairman, will also be participating in the fair. Sustainia Works with international companies and organizations on the implementation of existing sustainable solutions within areas such as urban development, energy, health and fashion. The organization’s work aims to promote rapid transition to a green economy.

“Sustainability is the future of the fashion industry. There is no way around it for a sector that is a major consumer of water, energy, materials and other resources. Sustainia works with industry leaders to identify sustainable alternatives that do not compromise design. CIFF FUTURE FABRICS thus meets a great need. We at Sustainia are proud to be a partner of a trade fair that can help the industry towards a sustainable transition,” says Laura Storm, executive director of Sustainia.

The fashion and textile industry’s organization is also with the prospect of a fair focusing on sustainable materials in Copenhagen.

“Everyone these days is clamoring for sustainability. Consumers want responsibly manufactured products, recycled materials are hot and the industry’s youngest members are studying to become sustainability managers. Given that Copenhagen is a recognized fashion fair city, I see it as both obvious and welcome that Bella Center is taking the lead to give the fashion and textiles industry a commercial platform that looks to the future,” says Danish Fashion & Textile Managing Director Thomas Klausen.

Kristian W. Andersen, director of CIFF FUTURE FABRICS, looks forward to the new fair:

“It is always challenging to be the first to pursue ambitious projects, but with Denmark’s reputation as a leading nation in sustainability, I think the time has come to kick-start an alternative to the traditional fabric fairs, which only have a limited focus on sustainable materials. We want to create a platform that can bring together manufacturers, designers, interest groups, trend researchers and the press, thus making sustainable products and knowledge more accessible.”

CIFF FUTURE FABRICS consists of a trade show and a parallel conference, and will be held for the first time on 8–10 September 2013.