Zimmer’s process color revolution paved the way to sustainable printing

Exclusive Interview by Yusuf OKÇU

Dinarsu, the Turkish carpet giant, has geared up the sustainability aspects and their production thanks to the revolutionary innovation of Zimmer’s 76 dpi process color carpet printing lines that pave the way to sustainable development even more than ever before. Since there is no need to change colors and there is no waste of dye as well there is no need to wash the systems Zimmer’s new revolution is a big step in sustainable carpet printing.

Dinarsu Imalat ve Ticaret T.A.Ş, which has become one of the carpet giants of Turkey today, has been established in 1955 in Istanbul for the production of yarn and blankets. Having started producing tufting carpets in 1975, Dinarsu succeeded to develop itself to one of the most important industrial complexes not only in Turkey, but globally. In the meantime the company finishes about 20 million m² of floor covering every year, for example tufting carpets, nonwoven carpets and artifical lawn.

Dinarsu has gained its competitive power in the international markets via their range of high quality products. The high quality of Dinarsu products is based on the company’s selection of the state-of-art European and American technologies and machinery in all the manufacturing processes, beginning with the tufting machine via advanced ChromoJET printing lines until coating and finishing lines.

Zimmer Austria had become one of these state-of-art companies long time ago that Dinarsu has established a long-term partnership with. Dinarsu, has grown especially in the last three years to one of the key partners for Zimmer. Dinarsu, who had started with the 16 dpi, the first generation of jets of Zimmer, also installed 25 dpi spot printing lines in due course. Dinarsu has finally geared up their production thanks to their two 76 dpi wide-scale process color printing lines. The first process color printing line of Dinarsu was installed two years ago, and the second one was installed last year. The complete lines including the printer, steamer, washer and dryer have a length of about 100 meters from entry to the exit. Dinarsu has also become so far the only customer of Zimmer in the world, who has all three types of jets in-house.


Thomas Kloebl, Sales Manager, Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH, summarizes the key point that makes 76 dpi process color printing a revolution for the carpet industry: “This system made possible for the first time to achieve the final colors of the carpet by combining drops of 12 basic colors on the surface of the carpet whereas in spot color printing each requested dye on the printed carpet should be prepared in advance. Therefore using the new system you are able to mix millions of colors on the carpet. You can print both photorealistic and standard designs on the carpet. That is indeed the real revolution in carpet printing.”

Depicting the difference between the process color printing technology and the old technology Ahmet Murat Ercan, General Manager, Dinarsu İmalat ve Ticaret T.A.Ş, says: “In short the previous lines was a normal broadcast, the new lines is the HD view. The previous lines were 360.000 pixel per sq/m2 with maximum 12-16 colors, but with the new system it is now 9 million pixel per sq/m2 with infinite color combination.”

According to Thomas Kloebl, flexibility is one of the key advantages of this new revolution which makes possible to print hundreds and even thousands of different designs on a carpet in high resolution by using only one set of colors. Flexibility also brings continuity as this new innovation eliminates the necessity to stop the machine because of changing two or different set of colors. “Flexibility will realize almost every customer’s wish in terms of designs. There will be no real limitation on designs thanks to this new revolution,” Kloebl adds.

Ahmet Murat Ercan is also impressed by the new technology’s capability to offer differentiated products to the market, which supports them to come to the forefront in today’s severe competition conditions all around the world. “You should be able to manufacture some different products than the others to be able to take the customer advantage to your company. We manufacture many unique things in the world as 4-m and 5-m width printing possibility thanks to this innovation. Today, architectures, designers and even the hotel owners or the end users are reaping the benefit of “Dream one thing and see on the carpet!” This simple idea gives us the possibility to offer many differentiated product alternatives to the customer,” says Ercan.


76 dpi process color printing also contributes to sustainable development in some ways, since there is no color change and no waste of dye. “When you have to change the color, you also have to wash the system in spot color printing. Some dye paste from the previous production may also mix into the process. But with the process color printing, you do not to wash it as frequent as spot color printing. With this aspect it is also environmentally friendly and ecologically more sustainable,” Oğuz Sürmeli, Printing Manager, Dinarsu İmalat ve Ticaret T.A.Ş, emphasizes this additional aspect.


Ahmet Murat Ercan points out that the carpet market tended not to penetrate to this innovation at the first stage and in short term the market shows a particular resistance against innovations. Ercan states that they have tried to tell the advantages of the differentiated product range that they could get out, in the first year, especially from the perspectives of designers and architectures. “Our customers can make all the things in the carpet 100% effectively. We did not expect much in the short-term, but in the mid-term we are starting to enjoy the advantage of this new innovation, because people try to make different things especially on the rug and the runner side in additional to the wall-to-wall carpet side,” says Ahmet Murat Ercan.


Successful partnership with Dinarsu, has turned out the Turkish market one of the major markets for Zimmer in the last two-three years. Since, Turkey is one of the biggest manufacturers of woven carpets, Zimmer also sees Turkey as one of their major markets for the future.

Thomas Kloebl, at that point, states that Dinarsu is really a state-of-art company, who always keeps us with the times, not only because of all the new buildings, but also in terms of machinery which are of the most innovative technologies; “Dinarsu is a partner, who assures us that there is somebody who is following us, when we develop something new.  We have a lot of customers in other countries who are still printing with 16 dpi. What we need in the market are pioneers. It is always a little risk when you start with something new like this. If you don’t have a reliable partner, any kind of innovations makes no sense,” says Kloebl.

On the other hand Dinarsu prefers to establish long time partnerships with all their parties, which would be either the end-user of Dinarsu or the machine supplier or raw material supplier. Therefore Dinarsu sees Zimmer almost as a family rather than normal relationship. Ahmet Murat Ercan states that they can communicate easily related with all the issues through their representatives in Turkey, also their technical staff in Turkey and also their sales manager Mr. Thomas Kloebl. “We always have very close relationships together. We see their advantage also in our business,” says Ercan.

Dinarsu is easily the market leader of the domestic market today. However, they are not satisfied with the current results and therefore the company wants to be the global player of the carpet industry in the mid-term. “We aim to get all the benefits of the system within a short time period. Then, we will continue to invest for the new lines of Zimmer and making one of the state-of-art technologies through the world. We think this partnership brings mutual benefits for the both sides. When we think about all the global potential for that kind of products in the world, we are aiming to expand our capacity in the mid-term,” concludes Ahmet Murat Ercan.


Manufacturers of the digital ChromoJET printing machine and suppliers of related powerful software and computers, Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH, Kufstein in Austria – the world’s leading company in the field of carpet digital textile printing. All together the firm, which exports worldwide with representations in many countries, employs about 300 staff members at both its locations in Klagenfurt and Kufstein. Zimmer Kufstein is the competence center for digital printing machines, Zimmer Klagenfurt focuses on screen printing machines and coating lines.